What we Provide

Aftercare Services

During individual therapy, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with your counsellor on a personal basis. During these sessions, you’ll have the chance to discuss any topic you want with your counselor, safe in the assumption that any information you provide will not be shared with anyone else. During individual therapy, we want you to feel open sharing, so we are sure to provide you with the confidence that any details you share will be kept private.

Supervised Detox

Group therapy is one of the foundations of our substance abuse recovery program. During group therapy, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with your peers in the drug rehab center. These sessions will involve sharing your experiences and wisdom with your fellow clients at the substance abuse treatment facility. You’ll be surprised as how much you can learn from others, and you’ll feel rewarded as you share your experiences and help support them.

Group Therapy

In addition to these more traditional methods of therapeutic treatment, we also provide cutting-edge holistic treatment strategies, as well. Holistic therapeutic strategies include techniques such as art therapy, yoga, and horseback riding. While some of these treatments might sound strange to you, rest assured that we only provide treatment that has been backed by evidence-based research.

Alternative Approach

The interview, which will be conducted by one of our well-qualified and friendly staff members, will touch on a number of topics, including your substance of choice, the beginnings of your substance abuse, and your substance use habits. All of this information will be used to paint a detailed picture of your addiction. Once we have a better idea of what you are facing, we will be in a better position to provide you with the support and care you need to reach recovery.

About Us

We are committed to providing a high quality addiction recovery program to every client who enters our doors, no matter what led them to addiction to begin with. At our substance abuse treatment center, we are committed to providing every client who takes part in our addiction recovery program with the support they need to succeed. In order to do this, all of our clients begin their time at our drug rehab center in the same fashion: by taking part in an intake interview.

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